The Hungry Season

Farmers call August through to the end of October the Hungry Season. A lot of the staple foods, carrots, onions, potatoes are going to seed. If they have been in storage they start to lose moisture as they begin to shoot. On the farm it’s time to think about preparing the soil to plant new crops of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and any of the summer vegetable crops. The new plantings will be ready in Summer (December). Even our brassica’s (cauliflower, cabbage and co.) are coming to the end of their season and local supplies will be dwindling. Leeks will soon be going to seed.

We will have to source some of our produce from outside Cardinia. Things like Carrots and zucchini we will get from Mildura / Swan Hill. Brassica and lettuce and onions will be sourced from Cardinia, with our silver beet and other leafy greens.

It’s a reminder that back in our grandmother's day at this time of year we would be eating preserved produce which would have been bottled, jarred, dried or frozen in Autumn and set aside to carry the household through the Hungry Season until the early summer harvest.

In modern times, as we have stopped preserving the extra food produced during the times of abundance on the farm. Now farmers are often left with produce they cannot sell, and are forced to compost their leftover vegetables. Preserving is one of the great ways individuals in the community can contribute to reduced food waste.

Watch this space as we will be holding preserving tutorials / classes in the coming months to build our local food resilience.

If you have a suggestion for a preserving class please send it our way!