About Cardinia Community Food Hub

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Cardinia Community Food Hub is a regional initiative made possible by the Cardinia Shire, the Cardinia Food Circles Project, led by Sustain: The Australian Food Network, with kickstart funding thanks to the Victorian Government, and in partnership with Hopeworks Community Solutions.

CCFH is located in the heart of Pakenham at The Lime Box Café and is a community space where growers and eaters can come together to support our local food system. We aim to create a lasting endeavour that forms a community focussed local food initiative, from farm to fork, and paddock to plate.

CCFH is a space to grow, eat, learn, talk and connect over and about food. We promote healthy and ethical consumption of fruits and vegetables and source from sustainable, small to medium-scale farmers in and around Victoria. Together, with support from Cardinia Shire Council, we are growing a healthy, delicious, sustainable, and fair local food system, to create a vibrant and flourishing local food community.

Where we came from…

The concept of a Community Food Hub emerged through the Cardinia Council consultations with the community youth in Kitchen Table Talks and #ideaharvest events in 2018. The citizens of Cardinia were resounding in their support for a community Food hub.

What we do…

Cardinia Community Food Hub works in collaboration with partner organisations to (re)imagine what a healthy, equitable food system should look like.

We work to support local farmers and the community to engage in and build a sustainable, healthy food system.

Supporting local farmers is the most effective way to support a sustainable, just food system. Giving back to your local community by eating a nutritious meal, too easy!