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Food Hub Manager - Martin Spratt 0466 839 944
  • Want to learn more ? ...attend a local foodie event ?
  • Want to get involved ? ...or volunteer ?
  • Want to recommend a farmer, crop or learning event ?
  • Food Warehouse Operation, Employment, Volunteers, Food Safety, Covid Safety, Audit  Controls, Government & Agri & Community Partnerships, Technology Enablement
Food Hub Produce & Farmer Co-ordinator - Cher Spratt 0428 335 555
  • Are you a local farmer ? Do you want to sell your crop ?
  • Are you a customer ? Got a change or question about your order ?
  • Want to recommend a farmer, crop or event ?
  • Farmer Relationships, Crops & Seasonality, Customer Care, Media and Marketing, Packing Processes, Food Quality Control, New Products, New Crops

Weekly Food Box Packing Supervisor - Jemina Collard 0413 753 105

  • Got a packaging question or suggestion ?
  • Youth food packing training, Youth food packing co-ordination, Food Box Packing Quality Controls

Food Hub Driver/Farmgate Pickups/Delivery - Dave Young 0407 879 237

  • Got a food hub delivery or transport question ?
  • Farmgate pickups, Customer Deliveries


Let us know if we can help you access fresh, delicious, local, ethically produced food. If you have an urgent question, please call, or alternatively drop us a message in the form and we will reply asap.