Local Food Boxes: Who, What, Where & How much?

We sell three sizes of Locally Sourced Food Boxes: 

CCFH Local Food Box (small) $30

This box is designed for single-occupant households it offers a taste of what's in season each week.

CCFH Local Food Box (medium) $40

Our medium box is designed for dual-occupant households and can feed a household of 2-3 each week.

CCFH Local Food Box (Large) $55

Our large box is designed for family households. It's packed with larger quantities of staple items to keep everyone full all week long.

For all sizes we include staples such as potatoes, onions, root vegetables along with fresh seasonal produce like fennel, broccoli and kale. When available we also include fresh fruit from local farms.

Below is an a guide to seasonal produce as it is available from local farms in Cardinia.

As the seasons change, farmers alternate their crops. As we source local produce, some items may not be available in Cardinia and the contents of our food boxes will vary season to season. 

We have provided an approximate guide to what we include in our weekly box in each season. Sometimes we cannot source an item, even if it is in season. We can't tell farmers what to grow!

If a particular herb or vegetable is unavailable, we will replace like with like, so you may not get broccoli, but cauliflower instead!

We try to balance the contents of the box to ensure a healthy and interesting mix, and always try to include some cooking staples such as potatoes, carrots and onions. 



Small Medium Large Local Farmer
Potato Potato Potato Wayne Tymensen
Onion Onion Onion Cafresco
Carrot Carrot Carrot Wombat Forest Organics
Lettuce Oak leaf Lettuce Oak leaf Lettuce Oak leaf Thriving Foods Farm
Pink Lady Apples Pink Lady Apples Pink Lady Apples Sherwood Park Orchard
Broccoli Broccoli Broccoli Thriving Foods Farm
Cauliflower Cauliflower Cauliflower Cafresco
Silver beet Silver beet Silver beet Cafresco
Beetroot Beetroot Beetroot Thriving Foods Farm
Pak Choi Pak Choi Thriving Foods Farm
Fennel Cafresco
Radicchio Lettuce Cafresco
Limes Limes Limes Baw Baw Organics
Lemons Lemons Lemons Baw Baw Organics
Navel Oranges Navel Oranges Navel Oranges

Baw Baw Organics