Local Food Box Subscription FAQ

 How does it work?

Good question!
Our Local Food Boxes (Raw Honey and Eggs) are available as one off purchases and through either weekly or fortnightly subscription. All produce is ordered on Monday with our farmers and harvested before being delivered to your home or nominated collection point.

Delivery is free during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions for all orders.

If we are unable to provide access to your usual delivery location due to restrictions delivery fees charged on orders placed prior to lockdown will be refunded.


 When will I be charged & when will I receive my order?


Orders will be charged on Sunday evening and your order will be ready for collection the Wednesday following.


How will I get my order?

You choose how you want to receive your boxes

Local home delivery within 20km of the Cardinia Community Food Hub for $5

Collection from The Lime Box Café in Pakenham Wednesday’s from 1pm - 5.30pm

For subscriptions please please enter the Cardinia Community Food Hub address of 18 Golden Green St Pakenham 3810 as your delivery address.



If you would like to collect your Box from Lime Box Café please enter the PROMO CODE: CCFHCOLLECT at checkout for free shipping on your subscription.

Please use delivery address 18 Golden Green St Pakenham 3810.



Is the food box going to be my grocery store replacement?

Although our Local Food Boxes are packed with fresh, sustainably grown produce, it might not replace the need to pop out for a few things each week. As the produce included is all seasonal it means you might have to buy additional veggies for specific recipes or get in the habit of replacing like veggies (parsley, coriander, same thing right?!). Expect to be full but know that you might still have to stop by the shops for an avo every once and a while.


What does seasonal produce mean?

Seasonal produce means growing only what is in season. That means most fruits and veggies go in and out of season. For example: tomatoes are a summer crop while avocados are a winter crop. Farmers can’t grow everything all year round (although the grocery store shelves would tell you different) so our Local Food Boxes will include only items that are in season. Eating seasonally is a meaningful way of supporting small-medium scale, sustainable farmers as it means you're eating what they're growing.

So, what does this mean? It means we get to care for our farmers, and our farmers get to care for our soil! Farmers caring for our soil fights against climate change and positively impacts our environment. It all comes full circle.

What if I can't collect each week? What if I miss a week?

You can modify or cancel your subscription in your customer portal. If you need to skip a week please login and skip prior to the Sunday before delivery.

If you are unable to collect one Wednesday or if something comes up, get in touch! However, if none of the collection or delivery options work for you and you won't be able to commit to collection each week, you can always order a one off box as you need. We'd also love to hear how we can fit into your life a bit easier! Email us ccfhcoms@sustainaustralia.org

What else does CCFH do?

Cardinia Community Food Hub is at its inception stage so currently we are focussed on one thing: local fruits and veggies. However, we hope to start connecting community groups, hosting volunteer days, coordinating events and engaging with the local community. If you are interested in partnering with us please email ccfhcoms@sustainaustralia.org